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10 Best and Worst Foods for Hangovers

When you're suffering from a hangover, you want relief fast. We've compiled a list of the best and worst foods to eat. It happened. Whether you planned it or not, you had a night of heavy drinking. Or maybe you didn’t hydrate and eat enough last night. In any case, you now have a nasty...

Hangover Causes and Prevention

I have a love-hate relationship with craft beer. I especially love a nice high-ABV double IPA, but I hate the hangover I get if I've had a few too many. So why does alcohol make you feel so bad the morning after, and can the dreaded hangover be avoided? I decided to look into...

How Hangover Helper Can Help You Feel Great

The Morning After The late morning rays of sun finally shine on you. Your head is pounding, and you feel like you've been hit by a bus. You swore you weren't going to drink too much last night, but it just sort of happened. And now you're hungover. Eyes half-open, you look for your cell phone....


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