How The Hangover helper can help you feel great

The late morning rays of sun finally shine on you. Eyes half-open, you look for your cell phone. Is it hiding between the sheets?  maybe you left it charging. As you find and caress your phone you  check and see your texts from last night. You remember how you told your friend night you would make it to brunch by 12. It’s already 11am and you don’t feel have the wherewithal to roll out of bed right now. Your head slightly aches.  You need some caffeine ASAP and a glass of water or aspirin.



Then you remember that you had ordered a sample of this hangover helper product. Normally a little bit of and Gatorade  used to help with hangovers or, but it doesn’t always do the trick and still leaves you dehydrated and still tired.

You lead a busy lifestyle. one that keeps you out late and causes you to wake up early in the morning. When you combine such a your schedule  with a few late-night cocktails, especially after celebrating at a company outing, you may experience an uptick in miserable mornings filled with headaches, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. As you have been getting a little older you notice your hangovers from long nights sometimes get worse and would do anything to get over this one.

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As you find a glass of water you grab  your first hangover helper kit, praying for this new product to work and rid you of terrible mornings forever.  You drink the electrolyte powerder and down the pills and finally roll out of bed to take a shower. Within a half hour you are revved up, exited to actually make it to brunch on time this morning and exited to try more of this hangover helper every time you have a few drinks too many.

So how Does the Hangover Helper Work and is it useful?

Anyone thats has a few late night or afternoon cocktails and drinks knows that sometimes they may experience the tired, dehydrated, dull feeling of a hangover. Although not everyone may experience hanogver, when you get one you wish it would just dissapar as quickly as that last drink you downed.  You are tired because you were up late and didnt sleep well from your body processing the ethanol, i.e. the part of the alcohol that gets you drunk. You may also have a headache from the dehydration and lack of food you bed 3

The first step in the hangover helper kit thats kicks awat that tired headache feeling is  the electrolye balance the hangover helper has. Your body loses essential vitamins and electrolyes from a night of drinking, and the best way to get that back is an electrolyte rich solution such as the hangover helper.  This fomula helps your body rehydrate the night of or morning after drinking.  Some of the rich vitamins it contains include thiamine i.e. Vitamin B1. Water can help you rehydrate but it does not contain the minerals your body needs to reestablish the right balance to get on your feet and feel great again.

Another essential piece to the hangover sure solution is the herbal ectract which helps you metabolize alcohol and its toxic  byproduct, acetaldehyde. As you get older your body produces less and less of the enzyme which helps you break down and process acetalaldehyde. Hangover helpers herbal extract contain dihydromyricetin, which speeds up the bodys ability to metabalize the products and it also helps protect your brain from  damange excessive alcohol consumtion creates. It does so by reducing the effect  that alcohol has on GABA receptors, the receptors that make you feel drunk.

So you are repleshing wiht electrolyres and vitamins, but what bout that headache?

Dont’ fear, the hangoverhelper kit also includes the best natural aspirin you can find. Along with Caffeine, it also contains willow bark extract, which rids you of the headache associated with a hangover. The caffeine can help speed the flow of toxins out of your body while the electrolytes work their magic on restoring your body to the right balance to feel great again.


Since you took the hangover helper kit you were able to make it out of the house before noon for once and got your brunch with no negative hangover after-effects.  Knowing how the hangover helper kit works is one key step to feeling better, and this useful late night drinking helper is simple, easy to carry around and leaves you feeling energized and ready for brunch, another day at work, or a long day at the university library studying.

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